Spiritual Autobiography

In early 2020, our church engaged in a visioning process in which we explored ways our congregation lives out Spirituality and Service. We discovered a hunger to grow spiritually as a faith community. In the summer of 2020, we launched a three-month Spiritual Autobiography Project, detailed below. 

What was your earliest inkling of God’s presence?  Who have been your spiritual teachers and role models?  What are your religious questions?  What are your deepest religious convictions, and what do you think informs them?  Have you walked away from God?  How and where do you experience the sacred in your life now? 


Questions like these can help us reflect on our personal journeys with God.  When we begin to answer such questions, we cross the threshold into Spiritual Autobiography.  Spiritual Autobiography is a genre that enjoys a deep and wide root system in the Christian tradition.  My hope for our church is that we will step together onto this time-honored path of telling our faith stories this summer.  To that end, Pastor Elizabeth, Pastor Andy, Andi Lloyd, Larry Jones, and Steve Jewett are leading The Spiritual Autobiography Project.


The Spiritual Autobiography Project will consist of three parts:  read, write, and share.



June 15 - July 12, 2020                  

You are invited to select a well-known spiritual autobiography.  

Here is the annotated bibliography of the books to choose from.


You will buy and read the book, and you’ll meet once or twice with your group leader and cohort to discuss it.  The meetings may be in person, depending on your group and group leader’s preferences.



July 13 - August 9                 

You will work on your own (but with your group leader available for conversation along the way) to write a short spiritual autobiography.  Guiding questions will be provided to assist you.



August 10 - September 6      

In three or four small-group gatherings, each of you will have an opportunity share your stories with the members of your cohort.  We sincerely hope these meetings will be in person, observing all current public health protocols. This will give us the chance to see and speak with each other at the homes (porches and lawns) of the cohort leaders or in designated areas in the church building.