Reading for Racial Justice Project

This last year has revealed devastating cracks in our society and on social injustices in our community and in country. Many of us have been (re)awakened to the justice issues that affect the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community, and we’ve responded, in part, by hanging a Black Lives Matter banner in front of our church. 

We know there’s so much more we can and need to do to become a more antiracist church! For some of us, it is direct action, and for others, it is continued learning. Both are necessary steps to move along the path of justice. 

Regarding that latter step, we are pleased to share that church member, Dr. Tara Affolter, is offering a summer reading opportunity for us all to keep learning about racism in America and to keep interrogating our own internalized racist ideologies. 

Reading List

Latest news...

A group of church members gathered on Zoom on Thursday, May 27th, to hear from Tara Affolter about this exciting summer reading program.

If you missed it, you can still participate! See the reading list and information here and sign up at this link.

You may also view the slideshow that Tara presented here. Contact Tara Affolter at with any questions.