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August 2022

Lots Happening this Summer!

Rev. Elizabeth Gleich

Dear Church,
Happy August to you all! I want to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Trustees and our Building Manager, Jeff Ellison, for the good work they are doing this summer to keep the outside of our church building safe, beautiful and energy efficient. They have taken advantage of the way church slows down in the summertime by ramping up all sorts of exterior building projects! If you have driven or walked by the church in the last month or so, you will have noticed lots of activity. You might have seen the cement for our columbarium being poured in the circle garden. If you looked up, you might have seen our very own Ian Phair on the roof of our new addition (south-facing) installing 88 solar panels. And walking around the church to Seymour Street, you might have seen 3 young men scraping and painting the western side of the sanctuary. These painters are called “Painting with Purpose,” and their mission is to give a third of their profits to Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (CVEOE) - an organization that works to end homelessness in VT. Amazing!
It certainly is an exciting time to be at church. These are not small or simple exterior projects. The scraping/painting will be a years-long project, and the circle garden still needs to be redesigned and replanted once the Columbarium is installed sometime this month. There’s so much dedication and commitment to the stewardship of this church building, and I am so grateful.
In gratitude,



Not available at time of publication.

  • Nursery

    The Nursery will be open but not staffed for the remainder of the summer. Parents are welcome to use it and will be able to hear the service in Fellowship Hall.

New member Bio:

"This has always been my church"

When Diane Mott joined the Congregational Church of Middlebury on Palm Sunday this year, she affirmed what she always felt was true: “This has always been my church.” Diane was twelve years old when her parents moved from New Jersey to Goshen VT, where her parents opened the Blueberry Hill Inn and ski area. After Goshen, she moved to Middlebury and attended this church when she was a teenager. In the 1980s, she moved back to Goshen, and recently moved back to Middlebury.


In her youth, Diane attended Middlebury public schools, then Middlebury College, graduating with a degree in sociology in 1957. This past June, she attended her 65th College Reunion!


Diane has held a variety of roles in life: water safety instructor at Branbury State Park, volunteer guardian ad litem in Rutland, and for many years, social worker employed by the state of Vermont. In between work and parenting, she enjoyed travels worldwide and has special memories of the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge in UK, and trips to Turkey, Africa, and Russia.


Diane had three sons, two of whom served with the military: Army and Navy. One son now lives in Cavendish and another son lives in Middlebury. Sadly, Diane’s third son died in a motorcycle accident ten years ago. Diane is single and has five grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Diane’s primary hobby is sewing, and she's currently busy crafting items to donate to this year's Holiday Bazaar. Her favorite dinner is lobster!

~Interviewed by the Board of Membership and Communications~

New Member Bio: Sandy and Bob Youell

Sandy and Bob Youell both grew up in Studio City (North Hollywood), CA. Never really knowing each other, they met after high school and married in 1974. In 1990, they left sunny California with their two daughters to move to Massachusetts. Bob worked in the health-care industry and Sandy taught Spanish after working as a sales rep for a subcontract engineering company.


After living in Massachusetts for 23 years, Sandy and Bob contemplated a move to Vermont to be near their granddaughter. Initially they lived part-time in both Vermont and Massachusetts, but eventually Middlebury became their home. Once they decided to reside here full-time, Sandy and Bob spent time earnestly searching for a church family. The Congregational Church of Middlebury drew them in with a warm and welcoming congregation along with a non-judgmental philosophy.


The Youells enjoy the family they have in Vermont, but if a special trip shows up on their agenda it may be a visit with their daughter in New Mexico. In the meantime, they keep busy with their hobbies—Sandy likes sign language, Tai Chi, and throwing pottery, while Bob enjoys hiking, gardening, and reading scientific and historical narratives. Joining our church in November 2021, both of them presently serve on The Board of Pastoral Care.


~Interviewed by the Board of Membership and Communications~


Childcare Update

Hello from what is now Interim Board of Directors for the Child Care Center (previously known as the Child Care Exploratory Workgroup)! Since the church’s special meeting on June 19th, we have been working hard on the next phase of this process. Here is a list of just some of the things we are working on: 


  • Writing a job description for the Child Center Director
  • Meeting with architects to draw up plans for necessary renovations and working on finding contractors
  • Deciding on a governance style and composition for a Board of Directors
  • Writing and submitting grants
  • Crafting a shared space agreement, with help from our church lawyer
  • Researching and selecting equipment for each room
  • Seeking continued input from church school teachers, youth group leaders, and church staff
  • Giving frequent updates to the Board of Trustees, Church Council, and the Board of Christian Development


We are eager to move forward and identify a timeline for opening, AND we are being deliberate about each step in this process. Currently, the most significant factor in play is hiring an available contractor to do the necessary work. As always, if you have input or expertise to share, you are welcome to email our chair, Ellen Whelan-Wuest at ellenrww@gmail.com.


A message from Andi Lloyd

Dear friends,

I’m writing this from my office in the basement of my new church in my new hometown of Castine – where I am mid-way through my third week as pastor of the Trinitarian Congregational Parish of Castine. Summer is the busy season in the life of a church in coastal Maine, so I feel very much as I jumped right into the deep end. It’s been exhilarating and joyful and occasionally daunting. But the people are warm and welcoming, and the congregation is dreaming big, beautiful dreams for their little church. It feels like a privilege to have been called here.

The community of Castine is small and tightly knit and full of wonderful folks. My heart and soul are fed by this place; I am stopped in my tracks almost daily by the beauty of the bay, the coastal spruce forests, the interplay of light and fog. My days are graced by the smell of salt air and the rhythm of the ocean.

Thanks be to God for all of that. And thank you, friends. I want you all to know how grateful I am for the love and the support you’ve given me along the way – I carry it with me still, and it has helped sustain me in the sometimes-challenging days of settling into a new home. Words will never suffice but: thank you.

And, finally, I wanted to share my contact information in Castine, in the event that any of you find yourselves in the neighborhood. I’d love to see you!

E-mail is still the same: lloyd.andi@gmail.com.

Cell phone is still the same: 802-989-1448.

Work phone is: 207-326-9486.

Mailing address is:

P.O. Box 335

Castine, ME 04421

And if you feel like dropping in on me, it’s the only church on Main Street. Hard to miss. Until we meet again, friends, I wish you God’s peace.

With love,


bazaar Update:

Marvelous and Magical Bazaar Offerings

and Meaningful Involvement

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. —Aristotle


This year, our creative Garden Center located in Fellowship Hall will host indoor and outdoor plants, small, medium and large, unique and plentiful, all donated by you, our church community, for our Bazaar visitors to purchase. We love donations of bulbs for planting and herb plants for your kitchen windowsills in winter. Candy McLaughlin (ckgmclaugh@gmail.com), our Garden Center Chairperson, would love to hear about your donation ideas and she has a few of her own to share. You will find our ever popular handmade catnip mice toys, and may see some interesting bird seed ornaments.


Books are a uniquely portable magic. —Stephen King


Needless to say, everyone enjoys a good book! The Book Room should be well stocked with contemporary fiction, nonfiction and biography, as well as classics, from the libraries and book shelves of our church community. We are grateful for and amazed by the hardcover and paperback donations that arrive during Bazaar week. Co-chairs Sally Holland (sallyholland19702@gmail.com) and Janet Franklin (jhf72@aol.com) will organize and categorize the books for display would love your and sale on Bazaar Day. Please, no textbooks or reference books, and all donations should be in good condition.


We appreciate your meaningful involvement!


Our Craft Table is in need of a co-chair to join Polly Birdsall in the layout and pricing of the wonderful handmade crafts donated by church sewers, quilters, painters, and woodworkers that arrive during Bazaar Week. Bazaar Chairpersons, Ruth Penfield (ruthpenfield@gmail.com) and Judy Jessup (judyjessupvt@gmail.com) are happy to chat with you about it.


Thank you!

With gratitude,

2022 Bazaar Co-chairs: Ruth Penfield (ruthpenfield@gmail.com)

and Judy Jessup (judyjessupvt@gmail.com)

Who is the Rev. Edwin Roy Holden?

The Rev. Edwin Roy Holden was a student at Middlebury College in 1913–1915, then graduated with a BS from Wesleyan University in 1918 and a BD from Yale in 1921.


Early occupations:

• Private 31st Artillery, US Army, 1918

• YMCA secretary, Camp Merritt NJ and Fort Hancock, NY 1918

• Ordained (Congregational Church, Portsmouth, VA) Nov 3, 1921

• Pastor, Congregational Church, Monroe, CT, 1921

• First Church, Portsmouth, VA (minister) 1921–22

• Second Congregational Church, Waterbury, CT (assistant minister) 1922


Rev. Edwin Roy Holden served the Congregational Church of Middlebury during the time period 1945 to 1947. Often visiting Middlebury, he had been invited to preach occasionally, and then to serve as interim pastor. A special meeting on 30 Nov 1944 extended a call to Mr. Holden to be its regular pastor beginning 1 Jan 1945 [information taken from Freeman].


Mr. Holden sent a telegram dated 1 March 1947 urgently requesting permission to remain on “vacation,” and to resign at the earliest convenience, not later than April 1. He said he deeply regretted that a nervous strain makes “imperative my immediate termination of this most rewarding pastorate” [information taken from Freeman].


George Meads Holden- 

born 19 Jul 1870 Chelmsford MA, died 29 Mar 1947 Philadelphia PA

Nellie Emma van Tassel    

born 17 Feb 1870 New Brunswick NJ, died 4 Mar 1921 Hackettstown NJ


James Francis Holden    

b 21 Aug 1912, died 19 May 1994 Rutland VT (Belmont)

Lois M. Morgan    b 22 Feb 1913    d 23 Aug 1983 Rutland, VT

  1. [2] Nelda Marie Heiner    b 9 Aug 1924    d 3 May 2012 Longmont, Boulder, CO One child: David M. Holden        b 29 Jan 1938   d 18 Sept 2009 San Diego CA 


Edwin Roy Holden    b 27 Dec 1896 Hackettstown NJ    d Jun 1982

Eveline Jeanne Jacot    b 10 Mar 1896 Edgewater NY    d 3 Dec 1988 Monroe CT

Three children:

  • Ruth Virginia Holden     b 24 Oct 1924    d 17 Jul Oct 2010    m 27 Oct 1945 Herman E. Joels
  • Constance E. Holden     b 15 Jan 1926    d Nov 1981        m 5 Jun 1954 Peter Hegedus
  • Francis E. Holden     b 20 Oct 1928    d 29 Dec 2000         m 17 Oct 1952 Yoneo Ono

George M. Holden married Nellie E. van Tassel on 21 Aug 1895 in Hackettstown, Warren, NJ. The parents of George were James F Holden and Betsey Ann Meads; the parents of Nellie were Isaac Gilbert van Tassel and Ellen Ina Van Tassell. Dr. G. M. Holden was a dentist (graduated from Harvard College) as well as the founder and first president of the Tri-County Dental Association of New Jersey. In the federal census records, no occupation was given for Nellie. 


George and Nellie had two children; James F. Holden (textile salesman) and Edwin R. Holden (Congregational minister/teacher). In turn, Edwin and his wife (Eveline) had three children: Ruth (married, no occupation listed), Constance (married, publicity department for the Dictaphone Corporation of America), and Francis (no children).


Edwin was born 16 years before James; there was no evidence of any ties between the families of Edwin and James; there were several documented interactions between the father (George) and Edwin.


Lois Morgan, the first wife of James, was born in Middlebury, VT, the daughter of Walter A. Morgan and Grace Lafayette. James and Lois had one child, a son, David. Lois lived most of her early life in Ludlow VT, graduating from Black River Academy in 1931. In 1935 she received her RN from the Springfield (MA) Hospital School of Nursing. She and her husband lived most of their married life in Flushing NY, moving to Belmont VT in 1974.


Nelda Marie Heiner, the second wife of James, was born 9 Aug 1924 in Perryville, MO, the daughter of Walter Herman and Mildred (Thomas) Heiner. James and Nelda had no children; Nelda had three children by her first husband (William P. Goode); Nelda and William were divorced in 1978. On 22 Sept 1984, James and Nelda were married.


The Utica NY and Middlebury VT churches (at least these two churches, maybe more) were well aware of the health issues confronting Edwin R. Holden and his wife. Eveline Jeanne Holden was a psychiatric case who was apparently harmless as far as violence was concerned, but who was permanently subject to delusions and should have been confined to an institution for the mentally ill. Rev Holden had a splendid church in New Jersey at the time Mrs. Holden first developed mental illness and began to threaten to “expose” him. She actually did contact so many people—trustees, deacons, and congregation members—that as a result she was placed in a state institution. Mr. Holden felt that the embarrassment had developed to such an extent that he should resign, which he did. He then went to a small church and while there consented to the release of his wife who went back to reside in Connecticut with her two children.


After a time, it seemed as though she returned to normal, and Mr. Holden accepted an invitation to come to Utica, telling the church staff of his marital difficulties so that there would be no misapprehensions on the subject. His wife came to Utica when he was installed, and while she seemed very peculiar and did some rather unusual things, there was little comment since it was understood that she was to continue to live in Connecticut, which she did. After he had been in Utica for a short time, she suddenly brought an action against him for divorce in Connecticut on the ground of desertion and cruel and inhumane treatment. He had not seen her for a considerable period of time and Rev. Holden was sending his wife two thirds of his salary. Legally Eveline had no supporting information. The accusations were not founded. In the meantime, she began writing letters to him indicating a definite abnormal mentality, which worried Rev. Holden a great deal since he felt that she would be a bad influence on the nervous and physical conditions of his daughters.


Consequently, he went to Connecticut and made an arrangement with her whereby the two daughters would be sent to private schools away from home at is expense. After this had occurred, she began to send him letters that unless he sent her more money she would come to Utica, appear in church, and “expose him” to the entire congregation. Rev. Holden was concerned that she would actually do this. There were considerations that she should be readmitted to a state institution, but he disliked this very much as he felt that she would be happier and better off if she could be saved from such a commitment.


With these recurring mental health issues of Eveline and the nervous breakdowns of Edwin, several pastorates were of short duration and not well documented. During the time period after the pastorate at Middlebury, Edwin seemingly spent the rest of his career as a teacher in Chicago.


Next month: Rev. Charles T. Riggs was ordained in the Congregational Church in 1900 in Auburn, NY. He was named an honorary pastor of the Congregational Church of Middlebury for the time period 1947 to 1953. He had served as a missionary in Turkey for 45 years.

Malcolm W. Chase, Historian

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