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Elizabeth Davis - Editor

June 2022

A Season of Celebration

Rev. Elizabeth Gleich

Dear Friends,
Happy June! This is a month of celebration for our church. For some in our church, it is also known as the Season of Cake! I’m delighted to share the wonderful events happening and the wonderful people we are celebrating this month.

On June 5 at 10:00 a.m., six ninth-graders will be confirmed. These youth have spent a year learning and preparing for this day, and I am so proud that they are taking this next step on their faith journey. June 5th is also Pentecost, and I believe that the Holy Spirit will be present with these confirmands in a special way during worship.

Also on June 5, at 3:00 p.m., our Member in Discernment, Andi Lloyd, will be ordained into Christian ministry. Andi has been an integral part of our church for the last four-and-a-half years, and this is the culmination of her hard work and call to ministry. This ordination service is a chance for her community to affirm her call and witness to the Holy Spirit at work in her life. As Andi starts her ministry at Trinitarian Congregational Church in Castine, Maine in June, we send her with our love, prayers, and gratitude.

Children and Youth Sunday is on June 12 at 10:00 a.m. Not only will we celebrate the children and youth in our congregation, but we will also celebrate our Director of Children and Youth Ministries, Jennifer Smith. Jennifer is leaving her position that she has held for last 16 years, and we send her off with love and gratitude. Jennifer will be preaching during worship, sharing the message “Love Lives Here!”

On June 19 after worship, the church will be invited to consider a proposal from the Child Care Exploratory Workgroup. As a congregation, we will vote on whether to start a child care center in our church building. As you know, child care is a tremendous scarcity in our community, and it is exciting that we could help to meet a dire need in our town. This is an important moment for our church, as it will shape the way our building is used and would become a primary ministry for us as a faith community. I am hopeful that we will carefully and faithfully discern this idea together on June 19.

Finally, on June 26, the Senior Youth Group will head out on their week-long service trip to Farmington, Maine, where they will work with an organization called MATE (Mission at the Eastward). MATE’s mission is to “love our neighbors through volunteer home repairs and youth outreach to create lives of hope, security and dignity in Central Western Maine.” MATE Housing Ministries solicits applications from clients – residents of the area whose homes need repair but who are unable to do or pay for the repairs. The youth group will provide labor to do those projects, which might include painting, roofing, building and repairing porches and ramps, and so on. We send them off with our love and look forward to hearing all about their trip during worship on July 3.

As you can tell, June is a busy month for our congregation! There are some bittersweet goodbyes, loving send-offs, wonderful celebrations, and big decisions to make. I’m grateful to be your companion on this journey.

With love and gratitude,
Pastor Elizabeth



We listened to reports from the chairs of the church boards and from our two pastors, Andy and Elizabeth. Some of the items covered in these reports were the large number of activities that will be happening between now and the middle of June when our Church School year ends. The Membership Board will start hosting monthly potluck gatherings in September. The trustees are lining up a significant amount of repair work for our church building. Work on the solar panel installation will start as soon as possible after permits are obtained.

Andy reported that the search committee has been working on finding a replacement for Jennifer Smith, and has found an excellent candidate to take to the Board of Christian Development, who will interview her next week. He anticipates that we will need a special council meeting next week to hire the new Director of Children and Youth Ministries.

Andy updated us on the Vermont UCC ‘s HOPE Fund project. They are trying to raise $200,000 for grants for churches to fund special projects in Vermont. We will have a special collection for this on June 5th. Andy also reported on the Senior High Youth service trip and the challenges of setting a budget for a trip months before they even know where they will be going.

A significant amount of time was spent listening to the report of the Child Care Exploratory Workgroup. We reviewed a detailed PowerPoint presentation on this project. Ellen Whelan-Wuest and Pastor Elizabeth went through the presentation and answered questions about this endeavor. They are forming a nonprofit corporation to run the childcare center. They talked about the need for this service, the various ideas on how it will be organized, the need to hire a director and other staffing issues, and the significant financial cost of running a childcare center. There was discussion of when we would need to have a special congregational meeting to approve this project. We will most likely need to decide this in a special council meeting also.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Foster, Church Clerk

Events to bring the Program Year to a close

Jennifer Smith, Director of CHILDREN and Youth Ministries

Church School may be done, but June is a month filled with special children and youth events. We do hope that you can join us and delight in the gifts they have to offer.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve this church community.

Peace and Love,


  • june 5th

    Confirmation Sunday! After a year-long journey together, Pastor Elizabeth will confirm six ninth-graders into our church community: Eva Andrews, George Devlin, Sara Kent, Emma Morrissey, Baker Nelson, and Margaret Orten. Their personal Faith Statements will be available for viewing during the month of June on the bulletin board outside my office. Stop by and marvel at their beautiful and profound thoughts. The statements will be anonymous. We will conclude the service with a special coffee hour in Fellowship Hall with cake.

  • June 12th

    Children and Youth Sunday! Join us for our annual event where the children and youth help create the service. You will hear prayers that the Church School classes have written as well as some musical performances from some children and youth. Because this is the last Children and Youth Service that I will lead, I have the honor of preaching. After the service, all can enjoy some ice cream outside from the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck.

  • June 19th

    High School Graduating Senior Recognition! Pastor Andy will take time during the service to recognize the graduating seniors in attendance. Congratulations to Max Beazley, Alex Bonavita, Jae Davis, Nikolai Luksch, and Camille Maglienti. We wish you all the best on your future endeavors.

  • June 26th

    Senior High Youth Group leaves for a week-long service trip to Farmington, Maine. They will work with MATE Ministries repairing homes.

Singing with Others

Jessica Allen, Director of Music

I clearly recall my first college choral audition—which was also my first ever audition for singing—and the nervous waiting for a list to be posted afterward to see who got into the main Cathedral Choir. Once the list was finally posted (what felt like an endless number of days later), I read every name in the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass sections at least three times. My name was not there. Not anywhere to be found. I was disappointed to say the least! But, checking an adjacently posted list for another choir, I saw that I had been placed in the alto section of the Women’s Chorus. I loved singing, so of course I accepted the placement, and it was in the Women’s Chorus that my experience with choral singing began.

I was a pianist, so I could read music, even if my singing voice wasn’t especially strong. I was willing to work at it, even though it wasn’t necessarily the grand start to choir that I had imagined. However, it only took one rehearsal with the Women’s Chorus for me to realize the incredible joy of singing with so many others, creating, honing, working hard at a common goal, which was, simply put, beauty. This beauty was created in community. It was a beauty created when you hoped for but didn’t truly know what exactly would come out of the mouth of the person beside you, or even your own at times. Yet more often than not, something within all of us would align to a precision that was exquisite and moving, heartfelt, and even other-worldly at times. Wonderful friendships were forged in choir, some that are still maintained all these years later.

Not too long ago I surveyed our Chancel Choir asking them about what they thought were the best reasons to be in a choir. I should not have been surprised when I received the responses and saw that there was a common theme among them. Love of singing, social engagement with others in a musical setting, and giving back through music that uplifts others were the overwhelming winners. And what do they like most about choir? Singing with others, friendship, and making a difference.

Our church choir community, here and now, is resilient. We are working hard, not only at the beauty of our singing, but at supporting one another for who we are, and sharing from the heart with the hope of uplifting our congregation. Though the program year is ending, our connections are not lost. They remain strong as we recreate, pause, and return again to one another and our commonality in the fall.

New members: Marilyn and Dave Nulsen

Dave is from Connecticut, Camila and Natalia are from Middlebury, and Marilyn is from Peru. Dave and Marilyn worked at a ski resort together in Colorado; that’s how they met. Dave went to college in VT and always wanted to move back some day to raise a family and be close to his family. 

They like hiking, snowboarding, hanging out with friends and family, biking, and traveling. Their ideal family vacation is anywhere warm and close to the water and green. Dave’s hobbies are hiking, snowboarding, and mixing music. Camila loves to play, ride her bike, and practice scooting. Natalia’s hobbies are playing with Camila, dancing, and playing outside. Marilyn’s hobbies are cooking, gardening, and hiking.

Camila laughs the most when papa makes a funny face. Natalia laughs the most when playing with Camila. Marilyn laughs the most when her kids are being silly.

looking for answers to your

2022 Bazaar Questions?

Perhaps you’ve never attended the Bazaar at our church or had items to donate. Whatever the case, descriptions of how our church's largest annual fundraiser is managed, a list of chairpersons, where and how it takes place, and, critically, how you can contribute to the success of this year's event are available on MIDDUCC.ORG on the 2022 Holiday Bazaar web page at this link!


As always, we are happy to answer your questions in person, over the phone, or by email any time before November!

With gratitude,

Ruth Penfield (ruthpenfield@gmail.com) and Judy Jessup (judyjessupvt@gmail.com)

Green Team at work!

The Green Team leaned into learning and service during the month of May. We were inspired by the state-wide Walk/Bike Summit held at the Town Hall Theater and organized a contingent of congregants to join Vermonters all over the state on Green Up Day. We enjoyed fellowship and brisk air and successfully covered the downtown area, cleaning up a portion of the banks of Otter Creek, the Marble Works, the Town Green, and roads near the church.

We were also heartened with the success of our 2nd Annual Seedling Giveaway! Our enthusiastic growers provided plenty of vegetable and herb seedlings for members of our faith community, in addition to sending over six dozen plants to our friends at the CVOEO Addison Food Shelf for their clients.

We remain inspired by our Creation Justice Church covenant as we continue to explore our commitment to reach beyond our church’s walls and connect with other partners engaged in environmental justice work.

Our next Green Team meeting is Monday, June 6, at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. New members are always welcome! Contact sureidstjohn@gmail.com or leanna_maglienti@yahoo.com if you would like to be involved or learn more about our team.


  • Important announcement!

     Lydia Gleich Munn will be baptized on June 12 at 3:00 p.m. during the service of Installation for Rev. Elliott Munn at the Vergennes Congregational Church. As a pastors’ kid, Lydia will be lucky enough to grow up in both churches. As such, we hope members from both churches can be there to welcome her into God’s family. All are welcome!

Jo and Dave cole Award

On May 22nd, the senior Youth Group awarded the Jo and Dave Cole Award to educators Larry O’Connor and Tara Martin.

What are two things you do

when you turn 18?

1. Register to vote, and

2. Create a will

Voting is essential for all who live in a democracy; in particular, it's an opportunity for us to work toward a just society for all. Having a will enables YOU to express your core values by deciding what happens to your possessions if an accident or illness leads to your early death.

Who is the Rev. Chauncey Corbin Adams?

Rev. Chauncey Corbin Adams served the Congregational Church of Middlebury during the time period 1931 to 1938. He came to Middlebury from a pastorate at the First Congregational Church in Burlington, VT. In 1938, he submitted a letter of resignation to the Middlebury Church, retiring from the ministry so as to live with his daughter in Romeo, MI.

Artemus Adams (farmer, born 1823 in Langdon, Sullivan, NH) and Harriet Elizabeth Davis (keeping house, born 23 Apr 1828 in Champlain, Clinton, NY) married 4 Dec 1845 and had ten children. The youngest child, Chauncey Corbin Adams, was born in Franklin, Sullivan, NH. He was educated in the Bellows Falls elementary schools, graduated from Dartmouth College in 1896, and Chicago Theological Seminary in 1900. During the summers of 1899 and 1900 he supplied at the Franklin (VT) Congregational Church.

Chauncey Corbin Adams and Donna Grace Anderson married in Franklin, Sullivan, NH on 24 Oct 1900. The parents of Chauncey are Artemus Adams and Harriet Elizabeth Davis; the parents of Donna are John R. Anderson and Bertha Briggs. This couple had three children. Both Chauncey and Donna are buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, VT.

In September 1900, he assumed pastorate of the Hinesburg Congregational Church and remained until 1907. From 1907 to 1914, he was minister of the Essex Junction Congregational Church; while there, the church was remodeled and the parish house built. Rev. Chauncey Corbin Adams was minister at the First Church of Burlington from 1914 to 1931, and a lecturer at Middlebury College. In 1924 he received an honorary doctor of divinity from Dartmouth.


The last eight years of his pastorate were spent in Middlebury, where he was minister of The Congregational Church, and lecturer in Biblical history and assistant chaplain at Middlebury College. In 1938, he concluded his service and retired to live with his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Heap of Romeo, MI. He died 25 Aug 1942 at Mary Fletcher Hospital in Manchester NH after a long illness.

The Rev. Adams was one of the two Vermont charter members of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, a charter member of the Burlington Rotary Club, and a member of the Middlebury Chapters of Masons and Odd Fellows.

Chauncey Corbin Adams

born 24 Oct 1872 Charlestown, Sullivan, NH died 25 Aug 1942 (paralysis agitans) Burlington, Chittenden, VT

Donna Grace Anderson

born 24 Oct 1881 Franklin, Franklin, VT died 6 Jul 1937 (acute gastroenteritis) Middlebury, Addison, VT

Chauncey and Donna Adams had three children:

  1. Bertha Harriet Adams (b 10 Jul 1902 in Hinesburg VT and d 20 Nov 1982 in Chelsea MI) and Earl Charles Heap (b 1 Aug 1899 in Worcester MA and d 20 Aug 1972 in Battle Creek MI) married 3 Jun 1925 in Burlington VT; four children; occupation of Earl was wholesale food salesman, occupation of Bertha was ‘keeping house.’
  2. Dorcas Anderson Adams (b 4 Mar 1914 in Essex Junction VT and d 18 Apr 1991 in Solvang CA) and Edward Gustave Ludwig (b 7 Jul 1907 in Burlington VT and d 22 Apr 1973 in Santa Barbara CA ) married 30 Aug 1935 in Burlington VT; one child; occupation of Edward was builder, occupation of Dorcas was ‘keeping house.’
  3. Chauncey Corbin Adams, Jr. (b 9 Mar 1923 in Burlington VT and d 20 Aug 1995 in Poulsho WA) and Dorothy Jean Diamond (b 27 Jun 1922 in Lansing MI and d 21 Apr 2013 in Kipsap, WA) married 3 Aug 1947 in Pocatello ID / Seattle WA; seven children. Dorothy graduated in 1945 with a BS in food and nutrition from Utah State College, interred at Seattle Harborview Course for hospital dietitians, and worked as a dietician in Idaho and Michigan. Chauncey received a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan in 1948. His 23 years of military service included World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. He was a staff pharmacist at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI, for five years, retiring in 1975.

As of this issue of Church Matters, there have been sixteen pastors and their families discussed:

John Barnet, Thomas A. Merrill, Samuel G. Coe, P. J. H. Myers, R. S. Kendall, J. T. Hyde, E. P. Hooker, S. L. B. Speare, A. F. Keith, G. N. Webber, A. W. Dickens, T. Simms, C. H. Dickenson, A. A. Lancaster, H. C. Newell, and C. C. Adams.

Next month we will examine the family of Rev. William F. Hastings

Malcolm W. Chase, Historian

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    Janet Franklin               June 1

    Alice Livesay                 June 1

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  • JUNE Anniversaries

    Steve Abbott & Katy Smith Abbott        June 3

    Jim & Margaret Eagan                           June 3

    Larry & Mona Rogers                          June 3; Celebrating 61 yrs!

    Rick & Sara Marshall                             June 4

    Victor & Betty Nuovo                           June 7; Celebrating 69 yrs!

    Peter & Cathy Munteanu                       June 9

    Larry & Cindy Jones                              June 11

    John & Sherry Klinck                           June 11; Celebrating 61 yrs!

    Peter & Jill Ruffa                                    June 12

    Steve & Kathy Jewett                            June 13

    Tim & Mary Williams                              June 13

    Stephen & Aimee Diehl                          June 14

    James & Elizabeth Davis                       June 20

    Bill & Jean Fifield                                   June 21

    Tanya Lehman & Stephen Morse           June 22

    Mark & Jenny Orten                              June 23

    Frank & Janet Winkler                           June 25

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