Do you have good communication and organizational skills? Are you someone with a strong affinity for teamwork and collaboration? Are you craving a supportive work environment?

The Congregational Church of Middlebury is searching for a part-time Church Administrator. This position will provide administrative and programming support to our church, managing the day-to-day operation of the church office, and will serve as the public face of the office in dealing with all church constituencies and the public.

We encourage interested applicants to visit our church website to learn more about our church and below for a full job description.


20 hours a week on average, providing regular office coverage Monday through Friday.

Skills needed for this job:

Proficient in Microsoft Word

Familiar with Excel and Quicken

Familiar with Google Drive and other Google applications

Willingness to learn how to manage the church database, Servant Keeper.


Negotiable. Commensurate with professional/life experience.

Projected start date:

The ideal candidate would be available for orientation/training during the summer, transitioning fully into their role before the next programming year begins in September.

We will begin reviewing applications July 10, 2023.  Candidates should send a cover letter and resume to the attention of Pastor Andy Nagy-Benson and Pastor Elizabeth Gleich at office@midducc.org.

job responsibilities

  • Assists the pastors in all aspects of their work, including coordinating, overseeing, and managing a wide variety of activities, events and confidential assignments. 
  • Serves as a primary point of contact for our pastors on day-to-day operational and administrative issues with all church constituencies including church members, staff, council and board members, and the wider community.
  • Attends and participates in weekly meetings of the Church Staff.
  • Handles sensitive and often confidential communications, and guides administrative issues toward resolution.
  • Greets and directs church visitors.
  • Composes and prepares written documentation and correspondence for the office. Handles incoming and outgoing correspondence and prepares responses as appropriate. 
  • Meets with the pastors and staff to plan events to be hosted, and oversees the preparation for events. Coordinates all church schedules and meetings. Provides administrative support and needed follow-up on matters arising from meetings.
  • Maintains the church Facilities Use Calendar. Prepares contracts and assures monies are collected from outside groups who use our facilities. Collaborates with the Building Manager to schedule and coordinate dates, times, venues, and logistics of facilities usage. 
  • Assists the pastors and staff with meetings and events, including weddings and funerals.
  • Manages and maintains electronic and paper files and records for the office. Keeps up-to-date organizational files to track yearly events, including coordinating with the Clerk on an annual basis for a membership report (births, deaths, baptisms, confirmands, and weddings) for the Annual Report.
  • Maintains a church electronic database that assembles data on church members, their church involvement, and their interests in participation. The database supports the ministry of the professional  staff. It also is the source for the Church Directory and it provides for selective mailings to church members, including of their financial statements.
  • Coordinates with the Senior Pastor, Clerk, and the Board of Membership and Communications to conduct a survey of the membership every three years.
  • Provides for safe-keeping of Sunday plate offerings and other monetary donations, and assists in providing thank-you notes as needed.
  • Distributes monetary assistance through the Pastor’s Discretionary fund at the direction of the Senior and Associate Pastors.
  • Engages with the Technology Team regarding the preservation of church records and on an as-needed basis regarding other technological concerns.
  • Collects and files minutes of church boards and committees.
  • Oversees compilation, production, and editing of the church Sunday bulletins and other church programs.
  • Publishes the Church Annual Report and the monthly newsletter, Church Matters.
  • Coordinates the day-to-day management of supplies and equipment for the office and for the church staff.
  • Collaborates with the Building Manager in managing the church lock system with key codes. 
  • Provides guidance and instruction for volunteers who assist with the tasks of the Church office, especially when the Office Manager is out of the office
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.



Annual review

The annual review is initiated by the Senior Pastor, facilitated by the Personnel Advisory Committee, and acted upon by the Church Council around November 1.