tips for a plastic fast

  • Reusable mesh bags

    Bring mesh produce bags to the store with you so you won’t need to use plastic ones (submitted by Melissa Bartley)

  • Buy in bulk

    Buy items like coffee, grains, and spices in bulk and transfer them to your own containers (submitted by Judy Jessup)

  • bring your own cutlery

    Ordering takeout? Tell them to hold the plastic utensils and bring along your own reusable ones (submitted by Melissa Bartley)

  • buy a bamboo toothbrush

    Next time you need to replace your toothbrush, opt for bamboo in place of plastic (submitted by Su Reid-St. John)

  • use bar soap

    Skip plastic bottles of liquid hand soap and use bar soap instead (submitted by Su Reid-St. John)

  • Paper wrapped toilet paper

    Buy individual toilet paper rolls wrapped in paper (these were 39 cents per roll at Kinney) (submitted by Paige Russell)

  • Re-use Juice bottles

    Instead of buying bottles of orange juice, choose concentrate and mix it up in a bottle you already have on hand (submitted by Leanna Maglienti)

  • Wash and re-Use

    Wash and re-use plastic wrap, plastic bags, and aluminum foil (submitted by Helen Wright)

  • Laundry soap in boxes

    When buying laundry detergent, choose one that comes in a box instead of a bottle—and get the largest size (submitted by Paige Russell)

  • Compost bucket liner

    Use newspaper instead of a plastic bag to line the compost bucket (submitted by Candy McLaughin)